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About TorStatus.Net


These statistical graph pages are based on my
previous personal project for the RIFT: Planes of Telara.

I wanted to do something I like, enjoy, which is also meaningful (in a way), and to try out some technologies, such as jQuery and Flot. The pages have been tested in IE9, FireFox 8.0 and Chrome 15.

The server statuses and graphs are updated every five minutes, using the official server status page for which I would like to thank the developers from the BioWare Corp. Good job!



Q: What does the ø number stand for?

A: The chart list on the homepage shows average population index for the last 14 days. This population index is calculated from the official server statuses during a day... where 1 is light, 2 is standard and so on. It's updated once every hour.



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